Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Shoot-Out Fences

Fences.  What a great shoot-out idea for MyTown!  So I give props to Sandra Leigh at of Canada for suggesting this theme. 

I am late with posting my shoot out because last night, when I normally would be posting, I was at The Academy of Music in Philadelphia to see the musical "Wicked".  If you want to hear about my musical experience, you can check it out at wickedly-good-night-at-academy

What I like about this topic is that fences can be found anywhere and come in such a wonderful variety!  For this shoot-out, I really stayed true to the intent of FSO.  All of these shots were taken in my town of Vineland, NJ. 

I love the shape of this star which was hanging on a fence near where I live.  I have tried to sketch it but am still trying to perfect the drawing. 

We had a little bit of snow this morning and I caught this shot on the way to work.

I played with some of these photos with cropping and changing to Black and White.  Looking for cool looking fences was a lot of fun. 

I call this The Rusted Bee.

I just like the way the branches are hanging down over this fence.
Everytime I think of fences, I am reminded of Frost's line "Good Fences make good neighbors."  Frost is one of my favorite poets because he can be interpreted on so many different levels.  One level in this particular poem, "Mending Wall", is about how we build barriers between each other, both figurative and literal.  However, with the FSO, fences are bringing us together!  I hope you enjoy! :)


  1. New Jersey is certainly not the urban landscape that is so often portrayed: nice snowy scenes and interesting picket fences. Have a good weekend!

  2. I love those picket fences, something not so commonly found here as fences are meant to keep intruder out and picket fence just doesn't provide the security.

  3. that tractor looks like it is riding on the fence. I love the landscape on your way to work, but with snow and ice on the road should you be taking pictures - or was someone else driving?

  4. Picket fences are a symbol of the American dream...home, family, push on for greatness, but most end up going for the tall stained ones to keep out roaming eyes and as better security as Jama said...I always liked metal fencing with vines and green growing on them, it gives them life...

  5. I too love the look of picket fences. I used Frost's quote on one of my shots. Very interesting mix of tones and colors. Mine is late too since I went to dinner with my birthday daughter. Good to met you.

  6. I love the design and curvature in the white picket fence but that first shot is my fave. Oh, I also like rusted bee too. :)

  7. I like the picket fence - it reminds me of a quaint time when we didn't need security fences.

  8. That fence sitting alongside your road to work sits very naturally into its surroundings. Also love the fence keeping the birds and tractor in.

  9. Ooo wonderful shootout..I like the star too!! Have wanted one of those for a while now!
    Happy Saturday, Sarah

  10. nice series of photos! and you are so right, fences has brought all of us FSO together.

  11. I love fences'! I seem to take pictures of them where ever I go, even without being involved in the Fri. shoot outs anymore. They fascinate me and you sure did find a lot of nice ones.

    The Academy of Music in Phila. - how I love that place. Was there many times when i lived in NJ!! It is one of my fav places in the whole world!!

    I heard that NJ got a bit more snow. Seems we are all getting snowed in this winter. Sure does make for some fascinating and fun posts from everyone around the world though!! have a good weekend, and stay warm, Debby

  12. love that rusty bee - and love that blurry looks so cool and artsy!


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