Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Shoot Out Incongruous





This week's subject is fascinating and had me looking at my town in a new way. One thing that I found was what I call, "doorway to nowhere". I do not really know what it is or its purpose, maybe as sculpture. This "doorway" is down the street from where I live.

I have also included a couple shots from my "archive". Since it fit so well and because I love it so much, I have again included the tub planter, which is in someone's yard near my house. Currently, the tub is overflowing with colorful flowers and I am in the process of getting an updated shot of it.

Another "archive" shot is from the Butterfly Pavilion in Colorado. I love this shot because of the butterfly against the cactus--something so delicate and beautiful against something sharp and rough. Colorado was my home state for about six months and in the last year, I have gone there three times, so I guess I can almost call it a second home!

I have also included a picture of Winston with the remote--come on, cat with television remote, that can count as incongruous. Plus, he is just so cute, I'll share shots of him any chance I get!!

As always, I hope you enjoy!!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold--Review

I recently finished Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones. I found this book to be one of the "hard to put down" types and read it in three days (fast for me as a slow reader). What I loved about this book was the genuineness of the characters.

The book is a heartbreaker from the first page. The reader of this novel experiences the grieving process along with the characters and are spared nothing. It reminded me of Judith Guest's Ordinary People where different approaches to grief are shown through the relatives of the one that died. Also, a large part of both novels focuses on the experiences of a sibling loss: a brother in Ordinary People and a sister in The Lovely Bones.

Where the two novels vary, though, is the extra perspective presented in The Lovely Bones. Sebold crosses the line into heaven with the deceased character, taking the audience along with her. We get the memories and experiences of "heaven" from the perspective of the murdered character, which makes this novel unique and provocative. Sebold takes us on a journey of self-grief and a fascinating view of what heaven may be.  Definitely worth reading!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Shoot Out Signs

With this new assignment, I have paid more attention to the signs in my town than ever before. What did I realize? That most signs are mundane and boring. Come on, people, get some interesting, eye catching signs!

South Jersey is famous for produce stands. Since Vineland has a lot of farmland, we also have a lot of produce stands so I included a photo with multiple signs advertising a produce stand. Also, a nearby park had this duck crossing sign which I just think is cute.

The "No trespassing" sign is near where I live and it just has a style that reminds me of camping. Then, the catering sign I liked because of all the weeds blowing in the wind.

I hope you enjoy!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Shoot Out Relaxation





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Here are my shots for Relaxation. I love my cats and they help me relax. The white and grey one is Magnum who is nibbling on some plant leaves (to be regurgitated later). He is somewhat resistant to being pet, only letting me touch him about once a month. The Himalayan is Winston and he loves lots and lots of attention! He also likes to chew plant leaves.

I also included a shot of my balcony where I get to see lots of birds and enjoy the trees. I also included a couple chair shots. One of the chairs is carved from a tree at a local postoffice--and chairs of course are symbols of relaxation. Also, the picture of the lake is from a nearby park where John, M, and I have gone to feed the geese and ducks as well as have a mini-soccer game or throw the frisbee. It is a really great place to chillax.

Then, of course, I had to include a picture of the beach where I was last week. It is one of the most relaxing places and one of the advantages of living near the Jersey shore. So enjoy and relax!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pits and All: Book Review of Mary Karr’s memoir Cherry

Mary Karr is not a celebrity. Nor is she a political figure. So what is so appealing about her memoirs? I recently read Cherry because I loved her first memoir The Liar’s Club which was an assignment in one of my Rutger’s graduate English courses.

Karr’s memoirs are not for the faint of heart, those prone to being offended by life. Karr is ruthless in her willingness to be genuine. Her life is extraordinary in its ordinariness. She brings us into her inner world as an adolescent and holds nothing back from her audience. Not self-aggrandizing, nor self-deprecating, she is just plainly honest about her experiences, putting it in the language of her own mind, her own slang, which makes the audience feel like they know her on an intimate level.

That intimacy and rawness is what is so memorable about her memoirs. I was drawn in to her drama and could not get enough. If you are looking for sunshine and roses, quick platitudes, and everything tied up in a neat little package, do not read Mary Karr. But, if you want the poetry of reality and are ready to share in another person’s dark inner world during adolescence, I highly recommend this book.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

friday shoot out power




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I live about an hour from the Jersey Shore. Wildwood is one town that has a great deal of history for me and is one of the best of Jersey shore towns. Since I am there this week, I took my friday shoot out shots there.

Nothing embodies power better than the sea. First, it is power incarnate, in its ebb and flow, its breaking down of earth, its sheer force. If we were capable of harnessing even a fraction of its power, all energy crises would be solved.

On another level, humans feel spiritually empowered by the ocean. We are drawn to it, it's vastness and endless blues. A fellow blogger talked about how churches helped her think clearer--something about being in a spiritual environment did this for her. The sea works in this same way. The power to heal....

Hope you find these pictures healing and empowering!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out difficulties

For some reason, my pictures will not upload to blogger tonight so I will try to post my shoot-out photos tomorrow.