Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Shoot Out Signs

With this new assignment, I have paid more attention to the signs in my town than ever before. What did I realize? That most signs are mundane and boring. Come on, people, get some interesting, eye catching signs!

South Jersey is famous for produce stands. Since Vineland has a lot of farmland, we also have a lot of produce stands so I included a photo with multiple signs advertising a produce stand. Also, a nearby park had this duck crossing sign which I just think is cute.

The "No trespassing" sign is near where I live and it just has a style that reminds me of camping. Then, the catering sign I liked because of all the weeds blowing in the wind.

I hope you enjoy!


  1. I like the duck crossing too!

  2. the duck crossing is cute. isn't that strange how every week we are noticing more and more about our towns because of the themes.

  3. Lena, not sure if you realize I am in Central Jersey and said the same thing on my post today! Boring Jersey, but we sure do have politicians who keep things news worthy right! Oh and lots of farm stands that make it all seem worth it!

  4. I hear you! That's why I cheated and used a photo I took over a year ago, across the USA! LOL!

  5. Very cute selection.

    Not boring to me ...

  6. Next time signs come up make your own and post them around town. Heehe. I like the duck crossing sign.

    You did a great job. The point is to get the assignment done and you done good.

    Have a great week.


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