Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Shoot Out Incongruous





This week's subject is fascinating and had me looking at my town in a new way. One thing that I found was what I call, "doorway to nowhere". I do not really know what it is or its purpose, maybe as sculpture. This "doorway" is down the street from where I live.

I have also included a couple shots from my "archive". Since it fit so well and because I love it so much, I have again included the tub planter, which is in someone's yard near my house. Currently, the tub is overflowing with colorful flowers and I am in the process of getting an updated shot of it.

Another "archive" shot is from the Butterfly Pavilion in Colorado. I love this shot because of the butterfly against the cactus--something so delicate and beautiful against something sharp and rough. Colorado was my home state for about six months and in the last year, I have gone there three times, so I guess I can almost call it a second home!

I have also included a picture of Winston with the remote--come on, cat with television remote, that can count as incongruous. Plus, he is just so cute, I'll share shots of him any chance I get!!

As always, I hope you enjoy!!
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  1. I just hate it when the cat hogs the remote, don't you?

  2. Beautiful butterfly. I live less than a 4 hour drive from Denver and I've never been to the pavillion.

  3. @mary it is very worthwhile, especially if you like butterflies. I saw a lot of photographers there to practice their craft. I guess because butterflies are such a great subject!

  4. I can hear Winston muttering "What's so incongruous about a cat with a remote? Sheesh!"

  5. Great shots for this theme! Love that bathtub!

  6. fantastic shots for this weeks theme. love the doorway to nowhere.

  7. the doorway to nowwhere is the best. enjoyed your shots. hugs from Brasil


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