Saturday, August 8, 2009

friday shoot out power




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I live about an hour from the Jersey Shore. Wildwood is one town that has a great deal of history for me and is one of the best of Jersey shore towns. Since I am there this week, I took my friday shoot out shots there.

Nothing embodies power better than the sea. First, it is power incarnate, in its ebb and flow, its breaking down of earth, its sheer force. If we were capable of harnessing even a fraction of its power, all energy crises would be solved.

On another level, humans feel spiritually empowered by the ocean. We are drawn to it, it's vastness and endless blues. A fellow blogger talked about how churches helped her think clearer--something about being in a spiritual environment did this for her. The sea works in this same way. The power to heal....

Hope you find these pictures healing and empowering!


  1. the power of water is amazing!

  2. I love water on any level, and it is very powerful!

  3. I really appreciate and agree with the points expressed over here. Thanks for such nice thoughts.

  4. Beautiful photos! I love the water, just love it.

    Have you read the Janet Evanovich books, her Stephanie Plum series? They are set in Jersey - and very funny!


  5. The power of waves are really amazing, especially when there's storm or tsunami!

  6. Water is power, yes! Love the photos....You picked the theme for this friday's shootout, I think? "Relaxation" - I'm looking forward to the theme!

  7. Few things are more powerful than the ocean!

    Or more relaxing, when its in a friendly mood!

  8. Amen.
    The beach and the ocean is my most favorite place for relaxation. Thanks for a great subject and have a blessed weekend.

  9. Wonderful theme!! I really enjoyed this one!! Beautiful shots! I adore the water too!!


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