Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Proud to be a Jersey Girl?

I was born and raised in South Jersey. I never really loved NJ, though, and always pictured myself living somewhere else. However, as I was driving down the road this week, I realized one major thing about NJ that I love. Trees. The trees are so incredibly beautiful! They are like works of art, the greens, creams, pinks, and purples all bursting out! It's breath taking. It almost hurts, they are so beautiful! It is also a reminder of what a great gift nature is and how much beauty there is in it. Here are a few pictures I took of the trees here in South Jersey.


  1. I once met a man at a Airstream convention in the Adirondacks (I was on assignment with another photographer, shooting the convention for a magazine). He was from New Jersey.

    Every time I think of New Jersey, I think of that man. He was an older man (this was in the mid-eighties), and he drove this old perfectly maintained Airstream (I think it was a Bambi), and he pulled it with an equally old and equally maintained car.

    He was actually the first person I had every met from New Jersey, and he explained to me that he lived in the "pretty part" of Jersey, where there were beautiful trees, and he assured me that New Jersey had some beautiful places.

    His wife was with him and she told me how much he loved old things, and that everything he had was old, and in perfect condition.

    I think about that man every time I meet someone from New Jersey, and I wonder if he is still alive.

    Your trees really reminded of him.

  2. I enjoyed your photos very much. I have never visited your area and that's what I love so about blogging....visiting places I'll probably never visit. I posted about one of our native trees today. I am joining Friday Shoot Out tomorrow and wanted to introduce myself and visit your blog.


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