Friday, April 3, 2009

Beautifully Speaking

On Oprah today, Oprah had experts talking about what makes a beautiful face. They talked about different celebrities and how they rated. Brad Pitt came out the highest. Personally, I never found him particularly attractive and I know I am in the minority in that opinion. However, that just shows how subjective the idea of beauty is, no matter how science tries to capture its essence. There are factors such as context, culture, and emotions. Part of spiritual evolution is learning all the different levels and facets to beauty as well as opening up to its power. To do this, I am going to start listing five things a day that I found beautiful, similar to a gratitude journal. Please join me and post yours! Here are mine for today:

1. Johnny (my man)
2. M (my man's daughter)
3. Magnum (my cat that will not let me pet him)
4. The sound my my wind chimes
5. white blossoms on the trees that smell wonderful!

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