Thursday, March 26, 2009

Daily Exercise in Futility

Yesterday, I was playing a card game on the computer called, "The Angry German." I have played this game at least a thousand times and have not won the game once. John oftens asks me why I keep playing knowing that I'll most likely not win. I came to realize that I played the game to play the game, not win or lose. I enjoyed the process involved. Then, it all came back to the idea that it is not always the destination that is the important part of a journey. Sometimes, the hardest won victories and the most crushing of defeats have given us the most valuable insights about life and about ourselves. I know that some of the struggles in my life when I wanted to just lay down and die, give up, have taught me how to be stronger, no, have made me stronger. This message comes to me at an important time when I have really been hating my job, wishing away the days, or as Sting would sing, "wishing my days away." Maybe I have been "walking on the moon." So, the next step for me is to enjoy the process. And, if that is not going to happen, I will try to reap the benefits of all the processes in life, even the ones that are equivalent to eating liver and onions or getting a root canal. Now, on to "The Angry German"!

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