Thursday, March 12, 2009

Watching your Weight, Loving Life, Minding the Mantra

I have been struggling with my weight since puberty. Like many people, I have done the fad diets and the short periods of exercise. Now, I am in Weight Watchers, that follows the most basic rules of eat better and move more as a way to be healthy and at your ideal weight. I like them because they are about health and lifestyle rather than quick fixes and fads. I go to meetings almost every Thursday evening. The leader, Lorraine, looks like she could be on a cover of a fitness magazine, which just goes to show you do not know the obstacles others have faced to be where they are.
One of the things Lorraine does at her meetings is pass around a necklace each week that has "Love Yourself" spelled backwards so that every time you look in the mirror, you are reminded to follow that mantra. Well, after a year of avoiding the necklace, one of the members passed it to me. Why has this been a point of anxiety? It is hard to deal with loving oneself and really taking a responsible role in your own caretaking. It really is not something that has really been taught or modelled and many people confuse self-love with narcissism or selfishness. However, people who take care of themselves properly and truly love themselves are actually much better at their relationships and more nurturing. After all, they end up being happier and having more energy. So, I guess this week, I will have to take a dose of my own advice and really live this philosophy of self-nurturance. I hope you do the same!!

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  1. Hi! Great post, I think everyone can benefit from being more loving and gentle to themselves. :)


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