Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cumulative Kindness: the Power of Collaboration

Entering the "blog world" or blogosphere as I have heard it called has helped me realize something I have believed for several years. I have had the belief that the world is full of people who are trying to make a difference, who work to make the world better. I have also believed that if these people supported each other and worked together, they could have a huge impact. I have been very lucky in my life in terms of the number of people who have showed me kindness or taught me something and most of them did not even realize that they had that kind of impact. It was just a natural outgrowth of who they were and how they lived.
As I read other people's blogs, I see that there are so many people sharing positive ideas and energy. I am really excited to being a part of this community and I highly recommend to everyone to take advantage of this free resource! A couple blogs I have found that I really like are (thanks Veronica!) and meditation-air.blogspot. Part of being on a path towards health and happiness adn knowing your resources. The internet makes it easy to tap into some really knowledgeable and helpful people. Thanks bloggers!

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  1. That is definitely true. I was always the one among my friends who was the kind, helpful one who wanted to fulfill herself and help others find happiness as well. Now when I've realized that there are so many other similar people out there I couldn't be happier :) Keep it up - all of you!


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