Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Being Sick is No Fun

I missed the Friday Shoot-Out and my usual weekly post due to a head/chest cold. Hoping to get back in the game in a few days. Debby from The Pink Birdhouse gave an excellent idea about mandalas and coloring the same design over and over in different combinations of colors. I love that idea!!! Thanks!

Also, M is in from Colorado--M is John's daughter. She keeps me going! Children have great energy and it is seemingly neverending. Did I ever have that kind of energy!! Anyway, can't wait to participate in the upcoming Friday Shoot-Out!

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  1. We'll see you on Friday. I hope I can make it. My computer is in lockdown still waiting for the Dell tech (for the 4th time). I have my laptop, but all of my photos are on my main computer. Since I sprained my ankle, I can't get out and shoot more "M" photos, though the paper expects me to shoot assignments. The show must go on. Thank goodness I have my husband to help me with my gear.


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