Wednesday, June 3, 2009

mandala mania

There are hundreds of sites that pop-up when doing a google search for “mandalas”. Mandalas have been around for hundreds of years and are still maintaining their appeal to humanity. The reason why appears to be that they are a spiritual language in visual form, beautiful in their simplicity, miraculous in the infinite possibilities for their design. When I look at mandalas over a period of time, I do feel energized and healed on a higher level. Anyone can do mandalas also, from the first time a child can draw a circle until the day a person dies. I am going to list at the end of this post some of the sites I particularly like in relation to mandalas. It is a worthwhile exploration for those interested in becoming spiritually centered and getting to know themselves on a deeper level.
Carl Jung, a famous psychologist, was also highly interested in mandalas, particularly for people who have reached forty and over. Jung felt that forty was the age at which the disparate parts of a person’s personality could all be integrated into a whole. The mandala is the perfect metaphor for this process. Another interesting thing about mandalas is that they can be created through several different mediums such as (but not limited to) colored pencils, markers, crayons, oil paints, watercolor, ink, thread, glass, tile, and even computer programs. I’ve just started in my journey with creating mandalas and I will start posting some of my creations on my other blog I am starting “Living the Creative Life”. Creating them or studying them are great ways for self-exploration, meditation, and relaxation.


  1. so I woke up early on Thursday to learn something new. first time to hear about mandalas. very interensting I will keep track of your other blog.

  2. What a fascinating post on Mandalas. Here in germany they are very popular and children color them from the time that they are young and are in kindergarten at age 3. I got into them very much thru my own children and have enjoyed many an hour sitting with them to color all the designs. We have several books of them, but instead of coloring right into the book I would photo copy the mandalas so that the books would stay unmarked, and we could color the same mandala several times in different color combinations. What fun. I have even tried my hand at making my own, with unfortunetly not too much success. Thanks for sharing all that info about them, they really are intersting!! greetings from afar, Debby

    p.s. I liked seeing the lake near Wildwood, being "down the shore" has always been one of my favorite places to be.


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