Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out Rainbow

For this shoot-out, I chose to do flowers because they really capture the richness of color. Admiring flowers always reminds me of the line from Alice Walker's novel The Color Purple and the quote about God getting mad if you walk by purple in a field without noticing. Flowers are living art and their brief moment on Earth are like a gift from the universe, a free gift that anyone can enjoy.

The red rose is from my friend Debbie's yard and so are the white flowers (not sure what they are called). The other picture is from a park near where I live. Hope you enjoy!!


  1. Beautiful flowers! I especially love the way you captured the fist and second one. I encourage people to click on them to enlarge them. They are gorgeous. I only wish I could grow flowers. I can't even grow weeds.

    Thanks again for joining us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Beautiful! I love flowers too.

  3. they are beautiful, only nature can pruduce the colors of the rainbow, mother nature repeats the colors over and over and combines them in ways that would not occure to us.

  4. sorry I missed your post for last Friday's Shoot Out. your flower shots are gorgeous!!


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