Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Favorites of FSO--Study of a Building

First, I must say that this assignment was a fantastic learning experience. Also, seeing everyone's work was a great learning experience. I will probably do building studies many more times as practice to improve my technique. I am such a newbie to the art of photography that I love any chance to improve. Therefore, I must thank the more experienced members of the FSO for taking the time to give tips and comments. It is a reminder of how generous people can be and how many people are driven to have a positive affect on others.

My first favorite photo comes from Germany. The door is just wonderful.

My second is a perspective shot by Sarah Lulu. I just love it! It is the one of the walkway to the water.

Both of these places are outside of the US and I am extremely thrilled to get to see these places on a personal level!

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  1. Lena, you make me blush!! :-) I was just popping over here to see what was new and say hi and was surprised to see my name and blog link posted there, and a mention of the lovely old door photo that I had shot. I could not be more thrilled with your mention of it and thank you so much. Isn't blogging great, for that very reason that you mention, that we can all see places in the world that we would other wise never see, and from a very personal view. In my mind, it is one of the main reaons that I love blogging so much. Have a great week, I hope that you Monday got you off to a good start!! Debby


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