Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Favorites of the FSO

I love the my town FSO. It is a wonderful experience and it has been a joy to look at everyone's pictures. Usually, I discuss two of my favorites for the week. However, I must say that every post that I went to had such wonderful photos this week that I could not pick any favorites! Whether people captured all the ranges of colors that the sun creates in its ascent and nascent, or they captured the haunting colorlessness of the slow diminishment of light on a cloudy day, the photos came out brilliantly. It must be the nature of the subject, so kudos to Sherry for picking such a great assignment for the fso. Her FSO can be seen at

One of the great things that go along with the fso are the posts. Some people really write funny or profound posts to go along with their photos. I did have a favorite post this week that went along with the fso. It was from Barry and his fso can be found at
His post is well-written and poetic--definitely worth a read!

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  1. Why thank you for those nice words. They are much appreciated.


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