Sunday, October 11, 2009

My FSO Favorites and my New Blog Direction

This Friday's shoot-out assignment really generated some great shots. I loved looking at everyone's shots. It seems like almost everyone had really great tree silhoettes!! Also, it seems like silhoette shots often end up from accidents in photography--I guess they can be seen as divine accidents in the world of art.

My first favorite comes from the assigner for this week Carrie at
I love the shot of the kids all lined up together. That one represents to me what is great about silhoette shots, which is capturing an overall mood or idea without the distraction of details--the concept in art of balancing "universal versus personal".

My other favorite comes from Jen who is one of my favorite photographers in the FSO. She's the one that picks the shots of the week. I recommend all of her shots and posts. However, I really liked the one of the bride and groom with the wine (I think it is wine). I really like the color of the liquid in contrast with the bride and groom silhoettes. As an aside, I also love the picture of Jen herself against that beautiful stained glass.

For my blog, I have been contemplating how to layout my different blogs and have been so inspired by the FSO, that I have decided to make this blog my photography blog. I am going to do reviews and discussions of the creative process on another blog

It took a lot for me to finally have the courage to jump into the visual arts. Since my strength has always been in the area of writing, I focused most of my energy there. However, I was always drawn to the visual arts. Finally, I decided to not let fear hold me back from my passion.

At first, I thought that I would try it and exhaust this passion. What I have found, though, is greater passion for it and a deep enjoyment. So, I am going to really delve into photography and practice all the past assignments and really try to self-educate through this process. I am going to blog about my progress because comments are really helpful in the growth process.

To see some really great photographs from all over the world, check out
On the left side of this site are the names and places of those who take amazing photos of their towns.


  1. I think it's great that you are taking your photography to a new level. Like you, my strongets point was in my writing until I discovered photo blogging. It has become my new passion and I love it so much. It really has opened my eyes so much and I have learned a lot through the FMTSO assignments and I am still learning. All I know is that photography is my new love and I want to do it professionally. I want to be able to take great pictures that people are drawn to and that speak to many. It's so exciting.

    I liked your choices for you best shots this week too. Those were some of my favorites as well.

  2. I'm honored, Lena. I truly am. I am also very excited to see the beautiful path your new direction for this blog will blaze.

    You have a good eye, and a truly kind spirit. With those two attributes, you'll be able to take photos that will speak to the world.

  3. Great to have you with us. I will definitely drop in to see your work every week!

  4. There were some great shots, weren't there? I'm glad you joined us.


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