Thursday, February 18, 2010

Friday Shoot-Out: Town Plaza

Welcome to my 100th post!  This week's shootout topic was suggested by Redlan at Redlan's Web of Arts.  This sure was one of the most challenging for me.  Vineland is a huge, spreadout town of farmland and trees.  (Except for downtown Vineland which is rows of old stores).  So, I racked my brain to try to find an angle to fit the assignment.  I decided to go with my apartment complex. 

Here is a big mountain of snow in my parking lot.  There are many of these all through the complex.  We will probably be staring at snow until June!!
This is a wall of snow in the parking lot where I work.  I think I've seen enough snow to last me four more winters!
This winter has led to some massive icicles.  Those things look deadly!
And, finally, outside my back door, I was finally able to get a shot of a cardinal in the snow.

I hope you enjoyed!!


  1. Brrr....that's a lot of snow!how about sending them down south to Singapore?

    going by Redlan definition, there's lot of places that comes under the topic, because people can just hang around anywhere! I too choose the place near my apartment to be featured this week.

  2. Good thinking! And I just love that last shot!

  3. where are the children playing with the snow?

    In 1975-77, I was in Canada. Our apartment bordered a primary school. The kids were out playing as though it isn't cold. I was hiding under my blankets trying to keep warm. BRRRR!!!!!

  4. I am so glad I live in the sub tropics - although today is cool enough to need to wear my SHOES! lol
    with all your snow we are having an extremely dry rainy season.....

  5. I remember snow, although its been a while.

    Great shot of the cardinal in the tree. He sure stand out against that white stuff. What do you call it again? Oh yes, snow.

  6. Pretty cardinal in the tree! We don't have them in Oregon and I miss them every winter.

  7. Happy 100th post!! I love all the snow pictures!! None at all here this year at all..which is odd as we are in N. Idaho!!

  8. Nice cardinal! Looks great with the white snow background. They are shy little guys (at least around my area)

  9. You've had one hum-dinger of a winter!


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