Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photo and a Poem: Winter Awakening

Winter Awakening

The ice hung like teeth from the lip of the roof,
dripping the cold dirge of winter onto the ground.
Walking, waking in the frozen air,
the crash of sun is almost a sound.

Blue winter crosses the sky
like heavens last round
before death overcomes
and darkness astounds.

I wake to wake and wake again
into the cold despair of winter dawn,
wasting hours and minutes in moments
that are isolated and a quiet that drowns.

Yet still awakes the hope
of warmth and light and Spring,
the breeze of relief,
like a lost traveler,
finally homeward bound.

If you like my poetry, check out my poetry blog at www.spiritsoflenapoetry.blogspot.com.


  1. Awesome. You really should write a book of your poetry and get it published. You are very talented. I like the photo too.

  2. That poem really IS fantastic, and the picture so perfect for it. I agree, you should try to publish your poems.


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