Saturday, February 14, 2009

"All You Need Is Love"

Of course, since it is Valentine's Day, I have to blog about love. Most people think about romantic love on February 14th. Many people become annoyed at having it thrown in their face that they are alone. I have been in that position. In college, I'd watch the gang of guys walking to the sorority house, dressed in suits, roses in hand, and not a one for me. Now, I am very lucky to be with John who treats me to many little kindnesses on a daily basis. However, Valentine's Day does not have to be about just romantic love. Oprah made this point on her episode yesterday. She had on a woman who wanted to honor her grandmother, who ended up getting a Volkswagon Bug from Oprah--must be nice!! Part of wellness and overall psychological health that I want to address, though, is loving oneself. John once said to me, "isn't that narcissistic?" Actually, narcissism is a very superficial and weak version of self-love. Those who are narcissistic are typically overcompensating for a deep sense of insecurity or a poorly formed sense of self. I am talking about loving the self for the majority of us who are primarily of the nuerotic/depressive ilk. Self-Love starts with self-acceptance. It is also about counting one's needs as part of the overall equation. So, this Valentine's Day, and in general, remember to take care of yourself, either by taking a hot bath or reading a good book, or whatever types of things bring you joy (avoid using food though as that is a slippery slope that ends with 300 lbs and size 32!) Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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