Saturday, February 28, 2009

YaYa trilogy--Yea!

I just finished the third YaYa book YaYa's in Bloom, at least I read it third. Reading this third book, I came the realization that I really like these books. There is something about the characters and the situations presented that is really enjoyable. I also like them because there is an underlying hope in the novels that is often rare in really good novels. (Another hopeful novel that I love is The Color Purple). The other aspect of these novels that I loved was the theme of sisterhood among strong and intelligent women. In a society where women's worth is predicated on looks and youth, it is refreshing to see characters who are multi-faceted, sexy, beautiful, smart, and tragic all at the same time. This viewpoint is a reminder for women everywhere to see each other as sisters. We are one sisterhood and have the capacity to help each other to phenomenal degree. I know that I have been blessed with many women in my life who, in sharing their experiences and listening to mine, have helped me evolve into a wiser and happier person. What we forget when we start to believe that women are only capable of cattiness, rumor mongering, and backstabbing, is that women are also capable of great loyalty, love, and friendship. This power of women has the potential to truly heal the world!

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