Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Magnum Saga

I have a confession. My cat, Magnum, has not let me pet him for almost four months. Magnum was originally my sister's cat; she got him as a kitten when she lived in CO almost thirteen years ago. He was always skiddish, supposedly due to being taken from his mother too early. When I moved out of my sister's house, Magnum stayed with her. A year and a half ago, I took Magnum and Godiva. Godiva died at the end of October, a week before I moved in with John. At that time, my sister and I had to corner Magnum and throw a towel over his head in order to get him in the carrier. Then there was the forty minute ride to the new apartment. Since then, if I get within two feet of him, he hisses at me and then meows. Sometimes he will just stare at me. This state of affairs has actually been very hard for me. Losing Godiva was really hard. She would greet me at the door when I got home, meow and rub against me. Magnum would follow her lead. I am trying to convince John to get a kitten--I think I almost have him convinced! For me, part of self-nurturing is having a cat to pet. Magnum is the white and grey one, Godiva is the all black one.

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