Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Shoot Out Gardens--Sorry I'm Late!

Here are some pictures from the Garden State! I've also included my "balcony garden" that I am hoping produces some tomatoes and cucumbers. We shall see! I am an amateur when it comes to growing things--my thumb is lightly yellow, hopefully heading to green.

My friends, I have a request of you. Many of you who are doing the friday shoot outs have a lot of great knowledge about photography. I use a digital sony right now, a very basic, everyday camera. I have wanted a really "nice", professional grade camera for a long time but they are extremely expensive. I have begun putting a little aside every week for the camera. I want to make sure that when I do get the camera that I get the "right" one since it really is an investment. I would really love any views on the best camera when you want to get "serious" about photography. Thanks!!! You guys rock!


  1. Lena - are those upside down tomatoes in your balcony garden? I grow mine upside down and I love it! I shoot with a Canon 40D, and am coveting the 50D and the Mark line as well, but since I'm only barely a pro, I'm not there yet. These shoot outs help get me working in Photography more (just by getting out and talking to people). I like the Canon line, and others prefer Nikon. They do basically the same thing - take photos. It matters more how they fit/feel in your hand, and if you have a problem, where the nearest repair is done. You don't want to be sending you camera across the state and having it shipped back.

  2. sol Nice Friday shoot-out. If you go to my profile on the upper left says email = click and send email - when I receive it will give me yours. or I don't know when I will set up my external drive to get the photo I wanted send you. is the same cactus only with little peach flowers - hope springing etc.
    kisses from Brasil.
    fyi I have a nikon d40 which I like - If I were buying new would go to a nikon d80 - semi prof.... also carry a small sony cybershot that I take most of my photos in Rio - I don't carry the bigger nikon out on the streets of Rio - would be asking for a mugging....

  3. Welcome to our Friday shoot outs. Reggie Girl and I founded this little shoot out gig several months ago, and it has really grown.

    I love your first two shots. The colors are just right.

    You said you were just getting into photography. Well, our little shoot outs are like free photography lessons. You will learn by just looking at how others compose things.

    We have some professional photographers and some beginners, and no one judges anyone. We just enjoy seeing what is happening around the world.

    I can't give you much advice on cameras, because I have been shooting with Nikons since 1985. I am a little biased.

    GingerV meantioned the D80 Nikon. That is a nice camera, but you should get the 18-200 zoom lens if you get that camera. The Sony Cybershot is a good little camera, too, if you are looking to shoot on a budget.

    If I can be of any help, just shoot me an email

    Thanks again for joining our little "gang" of shooters.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Hi! I love your pictures! Great daisies! About cameras... I use a Nikon D90 which I love. I just upgraded from a D40. BUT... There is a new camera coming out that has many of same features of a D90 but is hundreds less. I think it's a Nikon D5000. It's actually between the D40 and the D90. I would check that out. It all depends on what you like personally though. It's 10% camera and 90% shooter! Do do keep that in mind!

  5. Such colorful blooms you feature today. I bet the birds love these. I want to wish you a happy Mother's Day. Blessings to you and your family.


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