Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday Shoot Out: Painting the Town Red

Anyone that knows me would describe me as someone who thinks in the abstract which makes my approach to this shoot out out of the norm for me. I took the assignment literally and found red things that I found interesting. The orange cat with the red flowers is one of my parents' six-toed cats. The butterfly was taken a few months ago at "The Butterfly Pavilion" in Colorado. "The Butterfly Pavilion" is a really nice museum, great for kids and adults, which includes a butterfly pavilion which has many beautiful species of butterflies. I saw many people with cameras practicing their craft.

I have always loved butterflies. They are like flying art, delicate and strong. Also, they are a powerful metaphor for transformation. (so much for not being abstract!)


  1. For some reason I am atracted to the fire hydrant - perhaps I was a dog in a previous life?

  2. I love butterflies. Your pictures are great and I am envious of your visit to the butterfly pavillion. We are about two hours from Georgia's Callaway Gardens and the Day Butterfly Center. It's a pretty place to spend the day.

  3. Hi, just dropping by to see your lovely pictures from the shoot out. Love the one of the butterfly on the red flower. But love that coke truck. My mother used to work for the Coca cola company, so I am partial to anything that has to do with Coke! Those photos do offer up a lot of wonderful red!! I enjoyed them very much. Take care, Debby

  4. Love the Tabby shot.

    Exotic butterfly!

    I think Coke owns red.

    Great shots overall.

    I think I have the same red daylily in my yard, one of my favorite plants.
    I can't really envision a time when I'm not shooting something.
    Martin Scorsese


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