Sunday, May 17, 2009

Walking the Dogs

I am posting this because I know some of you are real animal lovers like me. Yesterday, I did a 5K for the local AWA. There were many people walking dogs and all the dogs were so well-behaved! This is a picture of one of the dogs up for adoption who was so sweet and laid back. I walked with my sister. This summer, I am going to volunteer with M (my boyfriend John's daughter) at the local animal shelter. I hope everyone has a wonderful day (including all the animals)!

I just want to add that there are free ways to help animals. One way is to help is to go the this blog: and click on the daily puppy--the puppies are so adorable on this site. This blogger is trying to build a no-kill shelter in Georgia.

Also, if you go to this site and click on fund foods for animals, you will also be helping animals--for free!!


  1. Thanks for the links and this is the cutest picture. Can you imagine being that relaxed!!!

  2. Hi from Germany. I found your blog thru the list of the friday shoot outs listed on patty's crisfield blog! So glad that I did find you! I live in Germany, but am a born and bred south jersey girl. I too never loved the state and pictured myself living else where, which I now do, and now I miss NJ so much!! Moving away made me realize just what a lovely state it is, with so much to offer. I even have a list of NJ facts on my side bar and add new ones once in a while. Anyway, LOVE and loved seeing the pics of Atlantic City, I recognized it right off even before I read the accompanying text! My sister's girls recently ran a 10K for cancer since my sister is a cancer survivor. I love the idea of a run for animal adóption though. I wish that they would do things like that over here. Well I will definitely be back to visit, eating up your pictures of my home state. take care and have a good day, Debby


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