Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday Shoot Out Domestic Animals

It was either a huge mistake to give me this topic or the greatest thing ever!! I love sharing pictures of my boys, Magnum and Winston. I also love taking pictures of animals. The Himalayan is Winston and he is highly loveable and likes to cuddle. The white and gray cat is my cat Magnum and he is more nervous. Though, since Winston came to live with us, Magnum has been much more comfortable.

The orange cat is one of my parents' six-toed cats, Hemingway, and the siamese is their cat Carrington. They both like to meow a lot!!

I have also included some geese in a field on a road I travel on the way home from work. And, of course, I had to include my favorite domestic animal, John!

Since I intend for this blog to be about reviewing others creative and artistic expressions as well as sharing my own, I have decided to do a post on my favorite shots for each Friday Shoot-Out. So, each week, I will put in a link to a couple of my favorite photos and talk about what I loved about them. I am also going to post the links on twitter. Many of you take really great shots!! I always look forward to checking them out.


  1. Now, those are my kind of photos. I used the opportunity to show off the cats who own us.

    Your cats are just lovely, and you can tell they know it.

  2. Winston is a gorgeous cat. I really like cats that like to cuddle. The first photo is funny. I love taking pictures of my dog. I have so many photos on my computer of my dog. She is a great poser. LOL.

    I like your idea of linking to your favorite Friday shoot-out photos. I think you will have a lot of happy clickers. : )

  3. gorgeous cats. Winston looks quite verbal. I swear my cat says "mom" in the morning when he wants his breakfast!

  4. beautiful pics of your cats. love the first shot! I wonder what he is saying? great shoot out!!

  5. Oh my Lena, I think you have outdone yourself here. Your love for your fur babies is quite clear in these stunning photos!

    Well done!

  6. Lena, Your first cat looks Hemingway, looks like he is singing a welcome to this blog song. Too cute!!!!!=D The geese are a diversion from the shoot just chock full of furry cuddles! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Oh those blue eyes on that cat are amazing!


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