Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Weekly Favorites of the Friday Shoot-Out

Well, I have picked two of my favorite photos from Friday's shoot-out of domestic animals. I loved this theme because there were so many stories of animals being rescued. Also, the love everyone had for their pets really came through and was great to see.

First, let me say that the friday shoot-outs are fun and wonderful! It is really a great way to see places all around the world on a weekly basis. I have really enjoyed the experience and am thrilled to be a part of it.

Second, in general, the best photographs in terms of quality of photography, in my opinion, most often come from Jen in Michigan who really has an artistic vision in her photography and Patty from Crisfield, Maryland whose professional polish in her photography is amazing.

For this week's shoot-out, though, my first favorite shot is from Doreen in Grand Rapids Michigan
Her last shot of her cat taking a bath is wonderful. The detail of the fur being combed out by the tongue is really fantastic and the beatific expression of the cat makes this shot priceless.

My second favorite shot is from Nanu in France

The picture of the cows by the sea. I love the contrast of colors in this shot and the juxtaposition of cows and the ocean.

For access to all the great participants of the shoot out, visit

There are so many wonderful participants! I really love seeing everyone's photos!


  1. Thanks. I am so proud of Jen. She is a great photographer.

    We do have some great shooters, and I have seen many people improve their skills with time. Another great thing about our shootout is that it gives people the opportunity to learn by looking at the photos of others. So besides being a hometown shootout, each week, everyone gets a little lesson in photography.

    Oh, anyone who needs some tips can email either Jen or me. We would be glad to help.

    I love the photo of the cat bath. Great choice.

  2. What a lovely topic and a great blog! Thank you so much! If you like to see some "everyday-creativity" welcome to visit me at

    Best wishes from Finland!

  3. Thank you Lena. :)

    I agree the cat of Doreen's was on my list as a weekly winner, it was a rescue puppy who needs a home who bumped the pampered kitty off the list. I figured maybe a gang member would be in the market for a pup who needed a home.

    You have some fabulous shots too - I always enjoy checking out your blog.

  4. Oh my gosh - Lena! I just looked at your flickr, and holy cow! Your flower photos are simply amazing, and I love the road photos!



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