Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Shoot Out My Favorite Place to....

This topic was a bit of a challenge. Being new to Vineland, having lived here less than a year, there are really no places yet that have become my favorite; I am still exploring. So, for this topic, I stretched the boundaries a bit.

This picture is of my favorite place to stare as I am working on the computer, including this blog. It is the view outside my back door. This picture was actually taken late fall last year. The leaves are actually just starting to turn now.

This is my favorite route to work. I took this picture to try to get the red car at the light ahead of me--it was a vintage car in really good condition. I am not a car person by any means, but this car looked pretty cool.

Magnum loves to chill under the table. I think it makes him feel safe. In this picture, he just had a little milk.

Here is one of Winston's favorite places to nap. What cat doesn't love a good ray of sun for a catnap! What is better than a cat napping in a ray of sun?!

I had to include a picture of the ocean. It is one of my favorite places to go and I know many agree with me on that one. This particular piece of the ocean is in Wildwood, where I vacationed this summer.

I, of course, had to include a picture of John. My favorite place is with him. Cheesy, but true! I made him put on this hat in the store because he takes on the persona of hats very well.

Hope you enjoy!!


  1. I really like the view from your back door and the route to your work looks very scenic. Great shoot out and I'm sure you will discover your favorite places eventually.

    I also like the new background on your blog.

  2. I like the view out your back door. Everyone needs a place to stare!

    Great photos, thanks.

  3. I really love the view from your backyard. It is amazing how much the colors of fall are in NJ at this time of year, here in Germany we won't be seeing them for another month inspite of the really chilly weather that we have been having. As for the Wildwood ocean picture, I love that. How I miss the Jersey shore! Thank so much for adding that one in. I can hear the waves and smell the salty tang in the air just by looking at it.

  4. I REALLY like your first shot. Also, I agree...your John does wear hats well :)

  5. I like your 'my favorite place is with John' to me we need no other place when we love completely.
    good shots.

  6. Oh I love where you stare too! So much to look at, yet so peaceful.

    Your John looks good in a hat!

  7. Great post, and I enjoyed where you stare as well!


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