Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out Favorite Things

What a great assignment from Mark at This song is one of my favorites and I certainly love whiskers on kittens, not sure about warm woolen mittens (could be itchy). I do like silver-white winters that melt into spring!

Anyway, for my favorite things, I included representations of brotherly love, friendship, and relaxation. Can you figure out which is which?

I also included a couple shots of the sky--I love looking at the sky!

Sorry this is a short post, but I am exhausted today. Trying to keep my immune system strong because there are a lot of illnesses going around. Hope anyone reading this is staying healthy--drinking orange juice and getting lots of rest!

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Your little kittys look so very cuddly! We enjoyed sharing your favorite things and what's not to love about the city of brotherly love?
    A shoot-out shout out for Philly! Whoo-hoo!!!!!!

    Enjoy the coming season, Barry and Linda

  2. Heads up you have to come to to add this post to the new Mr MckLinky to let everyone know you have posted...something they all voted on a few days ago...

    I love your favorite things! Nice shots...

  3. short but sweet from the city of brotherly love.
    stay well - rest when your tired is the best thing. hugs from Brasil

  4. Your kitties are so cute and very relaxed. I enjoyed this post. I'm walking around with a cold right now, trying to rest a lot and drink lots of pure juices. I hope you stay well.

  5. I appreciate those relaxation shots! Get some rest and be well.

  6. Cats have relaxing down to a fine art, don't they? I was going to suggest you copy the cats but you might frighten someone if you adopted the pose in the second shot. Lovely post. Stay well.

  7. Loved the kitty pics... the wecond one is darling! Wonderful shootout! Sarah

  8. we have alot in common! my cat is in my lap as I try to type. have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. Hope you've had a restful weekend and feel refreshed.


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