Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out: My Town Dressed for Christmas

This assignment was a very smart one for this time of year, so props to the FSO team!! Christmas, to me and many others, is such a wonderful time to really connect with each other. People tend to be nicer and in a better mood, thus friendlier and more approachable (except in an over-crowded line at Target). People say hello more and smile more often at strangers.

Also, Christmas is a great time to connect with family. There is a part of me, though, that is also sad on some level for the reminder of all that has changed over the years, the people that are missing from the celebration, the traditions that have died. To deal with this aspect, I try to honor who and what has been lost by starting new traditions and integrating some of the best of the old.
One of these past traditions was to ride around to look at all the wonderful christmas lights and decorations that people have put out. I shared one shot of a house that I liked (I found it hard to get a good shot of christmas lights). Sorry for yet another picture of Winston--he is just so photogenic!! I included John, who is "dressing" the tree with the star and also John studying the tree possibilities.

I also included an angel. I believe angels are spiritual beings that have evolved beyond the physical form, only existing in beautiful, loving energy. I believe they watch over us with love and compassion.

I hope that all of you are being watched over and have a wonderful Holiday!!


  1. Yes many of our great traditions are slipping away. Nice post SOL.

  2. Woo the cat, those blue eyes, and wearing Santa's hat.

  3. We are waiting for the grandchildren to come and finish decorating our tree.

  4. The angel is beautiful and the cat shot is a classic! Hope you enjoy your traditions, old and new!

  5. I loved your commentary, Lena. I feel the same way about Christmas and traditions. Love the photo of Winston. So cute!

  6. Wonderful pictures and words! I especiallly like the Cat in the Hat...tooo cute!! Giggle!! Wonderful and a very happy holiday to you!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  7. Your Christmas decorations are divine! Angels are a favorite! Your cat looks angelic decked out in a Christmas hat! Your story was inspiring. may angels watch over you always!

    Happy Holidays, from Barry and Linda with love.

  8. I enjoyed reading this...I too regret that traditional things did not continue in our house, but my son and I were grieving his sisters passing, and we let it day it will return in full glory. I do enjoy the movies and decorations!

  9. Winston is the winner here. Cats love Christmas, don't they?


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