Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Shoot Out--Food

For this shoot-out, street food in South Jersey, is, in one way, best represented by produce stands! Where I live in Vineland, there are many of these as well as farmed land. It is one of the things I love about it! Especially the fields of sunflowers which are in their infant stages right now. One of the pictures is of the farmland, just a piece of the vast expanses found in Vineland.

I also shared the Vineland produce auction, one of the biggest of the area. This picture is of one building among several. Then, Five Points Farmers Market. It is called five points, I believe, because five roads used to converge there; however, one of the roads is now blocked off.

The picture of Pat's was taken for multiple reasons. I pass by it everyday and my eyes and thoughts are always drawn there. Some places hold their ghosts. In the sway of the shredded plastic and the ravaged wood of the sign, spirits echo its past existence, reminiscent of loss. Yet, around its decay, life goes on.



  1. Great shot I love old buildings and barns.

  2. new jersey - been there once don't remember ever eating - nice to see a piece of your state.

  3. Lena would you email me at

    I would like to use your suggestion of 'Relaxation" and would like a broader view of your idea to post on the TownBlogger web site.

  4. Lena, nice post of your town. As you browse the posts for "Power" this week, would you, please, pick one photo as your choice for photo of the week. I will choose one, also. I will post the two sometime on Sunday. If you could email or identify your choice to me by Saturday night, I would appreciate it.
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