Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Shoot Out Reflections

Reflections is such a great theme for photography. When I told M, my boyfriend's eleven year old daughter, she was inspired to paint the above picture. I heard a person recently make the statement that we do not always know who we are affecting with our actions. I'm sure that when the founders of the Friday Shoot-Outs began, they had no idea they would inspire creativity in an eleven year-old! Thanks to the founders of this great project for that (as well as the many other great things that have come about from the friday shoot outs)!

When reflecting on reflections, I think in terms of duality, which I am always attracted to. Duality in any art medium has great value. Capturing two objects that appear identical often highlights the details of each as the eye seeks the differences.

In addition to M's art work, I have also included a picture of two planters on my balcony (I am still waiting for them to bear fruit!), a neighbor's potted flowers, a nieghbors bee stakes, and a reflection shot of a nearby lake. Hope you enjoy reflecting on my photos (and my puns!)


  1. I did enjoy it and please let Miss M know I loved her painting.

  2. excellent! did you realize that you did the photo of the fower pots twice? duality. I love it rather on purpose or not.

  3. fantastic reflections. I agree with you also. it is bringing out creativity in us all. like I say on my site.........don't buy what you already have.


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