Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out--Main Attractions

"Pray, pray to the Lord with me, because the whole world needs prayer. And every day, when your heart especially feels the loneliness of life, pray. Pray to the Lord, because even God needs our prayers."

— St. Pio of Pietrelcina

The main attractions of Vineland are trees, lakes, and a shrine to Padre Pio. Actually, the shrine is technically in Landisville which is right next door. I included a shot of trees and a lake near where I live. I also included a shot of a building that reflects many of the buildings in my area.

I wanted, though, to focus on the Padre Pio shrine of which I included some photos. If you are interested in learning more about Padre Pio, there is a nice website about him at
which is where I got the above quote. Aside from the interesting story about Padre Pio, there is another more local story of this shrine. My boyfriend John has an Uncle who lives in Delaware. A few years ago, his wife died. They had been married several years and had several children. He has at least thirty grandchildren now. Everytime he is in this area, he stops at the Padre Pio shrine and prays for her. He still cries for her.

I am not Catholic. However, in visiting this place, there is a feeling of peace and love. I like it because it is outside which somehow appeals to me as opposed to inside a church.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I really like your third photo. This is an interesting story. Wow, I could not imagine having 30 grandchildren.

  2. Lena, what a fascinating post about the shrine, I never heard of it even though I grew up in NJ. you do learn something new everyday, especially here in blogland. I LOVE it! I agree with you too, on liking it being outside as opposed to being indoors in a regular church. We have many little shrines like that here in Germany, and here in my town the cutest little chapel where anyone can go in day or night. Anyway, great shots!!

  3. Fascinating photos of an obviously sacred place and a very touching story.

    We enjoyed your photos very much.

    Barry & Linda

  4. How fortunate you are to have such a special place so close. I love the gathering of seats. Thanks for the link, I enjoyed reading about the saint.

  5. love the shots of the countryside. interesting story also. have a great weekend!!

  6. Interesting post and that 3rd photo is so unusual.

  7. Thanks for sharing about a shrine to Padre Pio and the photos. I like the second photos most.

  8. you don't have to attend a church to be religous - the best religion is the belief in the goodness of man and the beauty of nature. I have been in one chapel - san michel in France where by just walking in all the hair on my arms and back stood up. it was the most remarkable feeling I have ever had. Years and years of monks in silent prayer had soaked the wall with religous purity. loved your story and photos. ( word joiefu)

  9. I would love for you to come read...I am not even sure where you are, or I would refer you to one of my friends, hang on...I just looked it up...we could meet at Expressit Coffee in Hadden Township, Open Mic Friday evenings...

    Love the pics!


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