Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday Shoot Out: Places of Worship

I had planned to go out today and get shots of this wonderful outside place of worship here in Vineland. It is named after Padre Pio, who has a very interesting story. However, by the time work was over, it was dark and it was raining. Not ideal for picture taking. I am going to try to get there in the next couple of days to take some pictures to share here.

So, since the weather and daylight savings were against me today, I dipped into the archives. The black and white shot is from my Boston trip. My friend Betty and I were on our way to the bar that the show "Cheers" was based on. I have always wanted to go, since I was a big fan of that show. (I was a tv junkie in the eighties). We walked from the hotel to the bar and this church was on the way, presenting a great photo op!

The other two shots are the same church from two different angles. It is a famous church in Washington DC. The architecture is so beautiful. The photos were taken during a trolly tour of DC over the summer.

Worship on, everyone!!


  1. Lena, this is a beautiful church and your photography looks very professional.

    I'm still a TV junkie and I also used to be a big fan of Cheers.

  2. Hi Lena, the church is just FABULOUS. What great shots! Looks alot like some of the huge cathedrals found in the cities here in Germany. I never get tired of seeing them and enjoying the great architecture around me. I was a TV junkie too, and used to love watching Cheers! How cool that you got to actually be at the bar there in Boston. I have been to Mystic Conn. and seen the Mystic Pizza place so well known from the movie! have a good weekend, ~~~ Debby

  3. I remember that church from our last trip to Boston (we tried to get into the Cheers bar too but the line up was too long).

    Your beautiful photos have brought back some fun memories for us.

    Barry & Linda

  4. the first church is magnificent! love all the pointy peaks. (what are those called anyway?)

  5. That church building is truly amazing! Are you from Vineland, NJ? I have anscestors from there (I am into genealogy.) I've spent a lot of time there researching, especially over in Millville. I love just north of Philly.

  6. Spectacular place of worship, beautifully photographed!

  7. I hadn't anticipated seeing a 'medieval' church in the USA - fascinating.


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