Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out: Skyline

This shoot-out topic is skylines, picked by Kate in Kansas at
I was a little worried because Vineland is sort of a farming town and what would the "skyline" really look like. I guess I was comparing it to the famous skylines like New York City. Then I read her description of what she meant and it dawned on me (pun intended!) that many different things could fall under the topic of "skyline". Most of these shots are taken in Vineland. I included shots of trees because they are the skyline of many New Jersey towns and is actually one of my favorite things about NJ.

In the past year, I have actually gone to several different cities, so I included some skylines from my trips. I took a trip to Washington DC with M, John, and John's former mother-in-law (we are friends--it's a long story!) I also went to Boston last February for a professional conference. Then there were the three trips to Colorado (another long story!).

Finally, many of you may not realize that South Jersians associate themselves quite closely with Philadelphia. Most of us in South Jersey were heart-broken by the Phillies losing the World Series. This is in contrast to North Jersians who typically associate with New York and are probably celebrating the Yankees win. Therefore, I included a shot of the Philadelphia skyline taken during a visit to the Camden Aquarium. Although, I must admit, if I had a shot of the New York skyline, I would definitely include it. I went to grad school in NYC, commuting there twice a week. Quite often, I got a full view of the NY skyline at twilight and it was truly breath taking.

I loved this assignment because I love looking at the sky. As Jimi Hendrix once sang, "Excuse me while I kiss the sky."


  1. I love your photo of Boston.

    And I like how you ended your post.

  2. I love that Jimi Hendrix line and all your photos.

  3. Linda and I visited southern New Jersey in 2000 and fell in love with its people and its towns.

    I really enjoyed your photos and you're right, the Phillies should have won!!!!!!

    Barry & Linda

  4. You've really captured a lot of beauty and shared it well with us all :)

  5. I loved all those and went over and over them trying to pick one I liked best. Couldn't do it! Perhaps the last one? Still not sure. Thought they were all great.

  6. the second one and the lake are my favs. beautiful!! awesome post!

  7. I enjoyed the commentary almost as much as the photos, love the last one. I happen to think that small town / farming skylines on of the best views. they are hard to photo though - too broad and wonderous to catch with one small camera.
    good FSO!

  8. I love the one near the bottom that has the hazy skyline in the background. You did a really great job with the theme - I liked the variety that you showed.

  9. Cool post, and do not to forget to email me some of your Jersey photos for the banner!

    I see you are following me on a writing post, so thanks! I also am doing some of my food poetry on a radio show, will post that info on my TMI blog...


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